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1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

13 Apr


For our film opening, we decided to set most of it in the woods as many thrillers are mainly filmed in the woods or have scenes that are such as for example, Halloween (2007). We found the woods scene to be very effective to create the feeling of a thriller as it has an effect on the audience because they don’t know what could be lurking in the woods. For our costume and props we had to keep in mind that the little girl, Alice is very important in the opening and we wanted her to be memorable so we decided to put her in a bright red coat which also made her stand out whilst in the woods. We got the mother to wear simple, plain clothes that were similar to what a mother may wear. We used a lot of wide shots and close-ups in our opening to establish the setting and the characters surroundings and also to show their reactions to the audience.

The Titles

We wanted our titles to have a simple font and colour so the audience weren’t too distracted by them on the screen and we wanted them to look simple. We decided to have our film title on a black screen and in red to make it stand out from the rest of the titles. Our titles could relate to Halloween (1978)  starring Jamie Lee Curtis as they are all on a black screen and in a simple, easy to read font. We went for a simple font in a white colour for all of the titles except our ‘THE PROMISE’  title which we chose a deep red for. We used a few effects on our title for them to come on to the screen so it  looked mysterious, then the writing would become clear enough to read and the they would fade out. We found this to be very effective and to fit in well with the opening as we wanted to achieve a simple yet effective opening that seemed mysterious. We chose to make the title for ‘THE PROMISE’ in fullscreen instead of putting it over a shot so the audience only concentrated on the title of the film.



We based our story on the children’s’ tale, Little Red Riding Hood as the red coat Alice wore could be associated with it greatly considering that the tale is also set in the woods so we wanted the feel of the fairy tale coming to life in a disturbing way. So the opening sets up the rest of the film to find the little girl and reunite the mother and daughter together. The close relationship of the mother and the daughter in our film opening relates to the relationship in the movie Red Riding Hood which our film opening was based on. We wanted the storyline to have a mysterious feel to it just like the film which we think was achieved!red-riding-hood-scene-300x200[1]


Our genre is thriller and the opening suggests that through the storyline of the child going missing in the woods, the setting and the lighting used can also suggest this as our opening is fairly dark but not too dark just like in Red Riding Hood. We introduced the characters by showing them run into the frame when they are playing in the woods which we found to be quite effective as it introduces them together in time with the voiceover and it also made the opening flow a lot better and it also made our opening relate more to Red Riding Hood as all the woods shots in the movie were filmed with the character entering the frame. moviesmar11_11[1]


We decided for our characters to wear regular clothes compared to the movie to make it seem more realistic and to merge both fantasy and reality together. By using regular clothes, the opening created an effect on our audience that made the capturing of the girl in our opening possible whereas if we used exaggerated fairy-tale costumes, it would have made the opening less effective when the girl was captured. However, we kept the well known red coat idea to relate our film opening to the movie. This stood out throughout the whole film opening and when our opening was screened, we got a few positive comments about the use of the red coat as it was very distinct and eye catching.



We decided to introduce the mother into the opening first as it is her story rather than the little girls’ story and it would make the opening flow better. The daughter is seen running into the first woods shot, which introduces her to the audience in a mysterious way.

Special Effects

We used special effects such as colour correction to make the woods scenes a bit brighter than the house scenes to create the effect that it is a dream.We found a lot of our woods shots to be very dull and hard to see the detail of the characters and their surroundings so we used Colour Correction to heighten the colour of the surroundings as well as using Brightness and Contrast which made such a huge difference to all of our shots. From this, it made the red coat more distinct which attracted the audience as the coat is such a bright colour. We also lightened slightly the house shots to make them have a ‘dreamy’ effect, by making these shots lighter, it was easier for the audience to establish hat the house shots were reality and the woods shots were a dream because the woods shots were lighter. We also used reverb on our voice over to make it more subtle and more like background noise for the audience to focus on. We thought a voice over would be an effective way to ease the audience into the story such as in Taxi Driver (1976).

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