Questionnaire results.

12 Apr



Questionnaire results.

12 Apr



Questionnaire results.

12 Apr


Skyfall Case Study.

11 Apr

Skyfall case study

This is my case study for Skyfall…
Release Date; October 23rd 2012
DVD Release Date; February 12th 2013
Written by; Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan
Music by; John Newman
Cinematography by; Roger Deakins
Editing by; Stuart and Kate Baird
Director; Sam Mendes
Cast; Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench, Naomie Harris
Academy Awards nominations; Cinematography, Sound, Sound editing, Original score and original song.
Box Office; $1,108,153,338
Budget; $50-200 million.
Gross; Over $951 million worldwide (18th highest grossing film of all time and highest grossing film of all time in the UK, highest grossing James Bond film and highest grossing film worldwide for Sony Pictures)

– It is the 23rd Bond film produced by Eon Productions.

– It was suspended throughout 2010 because of MGM’s financial trouble.
– It was distributed by MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment.
– IMAX Venues – screened but not filmed with IMAX cameras.
– It cost $118 million to make and $200 million to sell.
– Heineken marketing campaign, controversial because the character drinks Martinis. Deal cost $45 million , almost 1/3 of the budget.
– Coca-Cola Zero – ‘Unlock the 007 in you.’
– Major Sponsors; Pan Am, American Motors, BMW, Aston Martin and L’Oreal. Other Sponsors; OPI, P&G, Sony Vaio, Omega.
– Opening ceremony of the Olympics.
– The screening of the film in China – scenes were edited out where the Chinese guard was murdered and any reference to Chinese mobsters.

Salt Case Study.

11 Apr

Salt Case Study

This is my case study for the film Salt which contains the following information;

Genre; Action/ Crime/ Mystery
Release Date; August 18th 2010
DVD Release Date; December 21st 2010
Director; Phillip Noyce
Cast; Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber
Written by; Kurt Wimmer and Brian Helgland
Budget; $110,000,000
Opening weekend; £2,166,715 UK
Gross; $118,311,368 USA
Distributed by; Sony and Columbia
Worldwide gross; $293,503,354
Producers; Lorenza Di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian (exec)
Cinematographer; Robert Elswood
Composer; James Newton Howard
Production companies; Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media, Di Bonaventura Picture, Winter Green Productions
Filmed in; Russia and USA
Similar films; Inception, The Losers, Mission Impossible, Minority Report.
Awards; 1 Academy Award, Nominated best sound.
– Kirk Honeycutt from Hollywood Reporter – “While preposterous at every turn, Salt is a better Bond movie than most recent Bond movies, as its makers keep the stunts real and severely limit CGI gimmickry’ This quote was from 2010 when Salt came out and can be relevant to my Skyfall case study to support how good Skyfall is compared to the rest of the Bond films.
– Salt was originally written with a male protagonist which would have been played by Tom Cruise but the storyline was too similar to his Mission Impossible films.
– Promotion
Marketing campaign –> A panel at San Diego Comic-con
Episodic game –> ‘Day X Exists’ relating to the film
Jolie was on the cover of August 2010 issue of Vanity Fair
Jolie hosted a reception and tour of International spy museum in Washington DC.

Music Album.

24 Mar

unorthodox jukebox

I decided to do a very quick review on a album that I love and that came out at the end of last year.

The album is Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox.

I found this album very good and it was a lot different from his first album – Doo-wops and Hooligans as it is a bit more edgy.

There are some romantic ballads on this album such as ‘When I Was Your Man’ which is his second single from the album and ‘If I Knew’ which relates to his first album with songs such as ‘Just the Way You Are’ his first ever single and ‘Talking To the Moon’. There is also some reggae tones to songs such as ‘Show Me’ as there was with ‘Liqour Store Blues’ on the previous album.

The songs on this album are more suggestive and sexualised than the previous album with songs like ‘Natalie’ and ‘Gorilla’ which references adult themes and certain stereotypes of women. This album is a bit risky and it is successful because it was released after his previous album which could be seen as being ‘easy listening’ compared to this album which is mainly full of reggae, sexual themes with some romantic songs.


Our Finished Opening!

8 Mar

So we finished our film opening… FINALLY! I must say that I am fairly pleased with it as we all put in so much time and effort to complete it to the highest standard! We had a few difficulties such as completely changing the storyline of our film but I’m glad we did because it came out a lot better than we thought it would be.

So anyway, here’s our finished film opening!

The Promise film opening!


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