About Me..

Hey guys! So this is my AS Media Blog which I’m using to share all the research and planning that I have been doing with my group in order to start, work on and finish our film opening!
I hope you all enjoy my blog which I hope includes enough videos, pictures and other forms of media that keeps you interested!

Here’s a little bit about me…
I love singing, I’ve done it since I was about eight years old and it’s a good way to relax and something to focus on, I’m not into all that classical and metal stuff (that’s just not for me!) but I enjoy Pop, Rap, Rock and Country – living in America for a while influenced that!


I’m really interested in Media Studies and I find that when I watch a film I usually also analyse it in my head such as why the director has used this shot and the effect on the audience, how the lighting contrasts to the tone of the film, how the characters’ costumes relate to their character etc.


So anyway… keep reading my blog and I hope you enjoy!


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