7) Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it – to full product?

17 Apr

Here is our Preliminary Task Video….


For this exercise, where were taught about continuity editing and different camera angles and techniques to achieve a continuous shot. We were taught different ways of how to edit the clips we filmed and make them flow better when being watched on-screen.

These are what we learnt;

  • Shot reverse shot
  • 180 degree rule
  • Match on action

I think we managed to do all of these shots well when we did our preliminary task and when it came to editing what we had done, I think we cut the shots at the right places to get a continuous feel throughout the whole exercise.


We found that shot reverse shot was mainly used when people are in conversation so we made sure that we had some dialogue in our clip. Shot reverse shot was a fairly easy shot to do once you knew what rules there are that go with using it. For example, when we first filmed our Preliminary Task we did shot reverse shot but we broke the 180 degree rule which didn’t make the clip flow at all and it appeared to be very clashy. So we went back and re-filmed our shot reverse shot so the camera was over the second characters other shoulder which made a huge difference to the overall task.



The 180 degree rule was very difficult to stick to because naturally we wanted to place the camera on the other side of the character for the next shot instead of sticking to showing the other side of her. The 180 degree rule applies to the whole task so the rule cannot be broken in any of the shots. So when Sarah is walking towards the camera, we filmed the left side of her and as she came through the door in the next shot, we had to place the camera in the hallway so it was also showing her left side. We found it easy to obey this rule when she came through the second door and sat down because this felt natural to place the camera on the opposite end of the room to where she came in from.

180 degree rule


Match on action is what I found to be a very interesting shot because I didn’t know anything about this before being taught about it. It was very interesting how it works and when you see how the shot is done it is quite a surprise. From filming and editing this task, you see things from a different point of view than you would if you were a member of the audience where you don’t realize how the two shots merge together to make it flow. For example, when we filmed Sarah going through the first door, we filmed her grabbing on to the handle and pulling the door open and then we re-positioned the camera in the hallway that she is about to walk through. After we re-positioned the camera, we filmed Sarah walking through the door showing her face on. When editing this clip, we showed her opening the door then cut it to her walking through it which was continuous.

Match on action


This task allowed us to remind ourselves about continuity editing when we started editing our film opening on Final Cut and we made sure that the scenes flowed well together. We also made sure the we stuck to the 180 degree rule which helps to make our opening flow a lot better. From this exercise, I learnt a lot about continuity editing and it also helped us build up to making our film opening by using Final Cut and the other equipment.


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