6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

13 Apr
  • Camera


I have used the cameras previously in school when doing Media in GCSE so I knew how to use the camera for the basics. However, I feel more confident using a camera now as I believe I am more creative in relation to the camera shots, angles and movements and where I actually place the camera. For example, in the woods we decided to move the camera to different places and film from different angles so when it came to editing it all together, we could choose which shot looked best for our opening.

  • Tripod


I have also used tripods before at GCSE but I think I have had better control this time as I have filmed fewer camera shakes. I have also got the hang of using  this piece of equipment as it needs to be adjusted specifically for the height of which you film and it needs to be altered if you are doing a tracking shot or a tilt shot. I learned to set up the tripod so that I didnt always adjust it to the same heiht which made the angles filmed a bit more creative. When filming a house shot where we showed a birds eye view of Shannon’s character we decided the best way to film was to hold the tripod over her which made the shot less shaky than when we used a handheld camera.

  • Final Cut Express


Whenever I have used Final Cut, I have always learnt something new. Again, I used it for GCSE Media and I found it to be quite challenging to use if you’re a beginner, however simple tasks are very easy to do such as cutting, moving the clip, dragging it on to the timeline and knowing just where to cut the clip. This year I have mainly learnt how to use Colour Correction which we have found extremely useful to us with our opening.

  • Apple Mac


Again, I have used the Apple Macs before at school but I felt more comfortable using them as I felt like I knew what I was doing as I had used them a fair bit at GCSE. However, if I didn’t use them prior to this project, I think I would have struggled as I am used to using Windows PC’s. However, I think that the software is still fairly simple to use if you know what you are doing and it is a very user friendly computer.

  • LiveType

Screen shot 2011-02-01 at 09.49.01[1]

I have also used this program before for designing our titles for our film opening. We spent some time on this application as we messed about with different fonts, colours and effects for our titles. In the end, we decided to keep it simple with our titles to make the opening flow better without having huge, clashy titles that didn’t fit in with the genre and the context of our film.

  • Audio Network


We used this website which contains non-copyrighted music and sound clips that are available to use by anyone. We found this stage of our project interesting as we would choose a few sound clips for our opening but when they were played over parts of our opening, we found them to clash so we needed to keep going back to the website and getting some more clips  to try and fit in with our opening.

  • Facebook


We used Facebook to communicate with each other about when to meet up for filming and to also post pictures from when we got together and filmed.

  • Card Reader


We used this to transfer our shots that we filmed from the camera from the memory card on to the computer.

  • Mpeg Streamclip

images (1)

This was used in order to convert our video clip files to a DV file so it would work on Final Cut and that they would play.

  • WordPress


Finally, we used WordPress in order to make an account for a blog to share all the information we have learnt during AS Media Studies this year and to share our pictures, videos and other interesting information on how our final opening was made and the processes that went into making he final opening!


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