3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

13 Apr

Our product may be distributed by mainstream companies such as Film4 which is a British film distribution company. The Film4 company supports upcoming film writers, on the Film4 website anyone is able to submit film ideas which are read by a team who decided whether or not the idea is good and if it will attract audiences.

On their website, Film4 state;

“Film4’s reputation for nurturing new talent and building on its family of returning talent in the UK is well-established, and it is now extending its vision to advance thinking and practice and develop more direct relationships with audiences in a fast-changing environment.”

Red Riding Hood


Production Companies;

  • Warner Bros (presents)
  •  Appian Films
  • Random Films

From the first few second of this trailer you can see the camera weaves in and around the forest suggesting to the audience that something is going to attack. This is the sort of effect we wanted in our opening but on a smaller scale where the camera follows the girl in our opening so she backs up into a tree and has no escape.

Changeling (2008)


Production Companies;

  • Imagine Entertainment
  • Malpaso Productions
  • Relativity Media

As you can see from this trailer, it isn’t set in the modern-day and age like ours but it has a very similar storyline. The woman’s’ child goes missing and the story is told from the woman’s’ point of view just like our film opening. Voice over are often used in this film like you hear at the beginning of the trailer when Angelina Jolie says ‘MY 9 year old son disappeared’ which can relate to our opening at the end in the mothers’ voice where she says ‘This is my story’ relating to the previous scenes of the daughter being hunt down in the woods by an unknown person/creature.

The Woman in Black (2012)


Production Companies;

  • Cross Creek Pictures (presents)
  • Hammer Film Productions
  • UK Film Council
  • Talisman Productions
  • Exclusive Media Group
  • Filmgate

This film is a British film which is supported by a lot of production companies and so it had quite a big budget for a British film, however the movie starred Daniel Radcliffe who is one of the most famous British actors of all time so it was bound to be successful just from Radcliffe being in the film.

Our film opening would have a very low-budget and in terms of production, UK Film Council, BBC and Film4 would be ideal for our film as it would be watched by a British audience and our film is over exaggerated or a huge film with big effects like other British films, it is understated with a simple yet effective storyline. As our filming was done in the UK, it makes sense that it is distributed by a British company.

Our film may appeal more to niche audiences rather than a mainstream audience like Red Riding Hood even though it has similar themes. First we would use British production companies to distribute our product in the UK then depending on the success of the product, we may use other companies such as Cross Creek Pictures as was used by The Woman In Black to distribute our product on a global scale. We may expect a small amount of many made from ticket sales on our opening weekend as an estimate it could be £100,543 but if we distributed our product to America we may get $1,100,000 for our product. If we had a bigger budget to make our film like the American companies, we may refilm some scenes to make them more dramatic and we would spend half of our budget on advertising like posters.


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