Djay app on Pitch Perfect

20 Jan


Relating to my last blog post about Pitch Perfect, this is all about an app called Djay! I saw that the main character played by Anna Kendrick was aspiring to be a DJ and throughout the film when she is remixing and making new tracks, she used this software. I did some research on this app which is available from the Apple Store and I also googled it. I found he website of the company who made the app and I read further into what this app could do and I was very surprised at how advanced the app is. They also have included a David Guetta version of the app for those who is a fan of the artist and his songs.

The app is available to those with an iPhone, iPad and Mac and the company who mad the app have also come out with another app called Vjay for those who want to cut their own videos and are more into making movies and clips instead of making and remixing music. The Vjay pp can also be used with an iPhone, iPad an Mac but it can also now be used on a iPod Touch.

As I am currently saving up for a MacBook Pro, I will definitely be purchasing the Djay app as it looks better to use on a Mac than on your phone. Below is the link to the company website who made the app.




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